Broadband PTT for Public Safety

Motorola Solutions Broadband PTT

Critical Communication
Addresses the unique communications needs of Public Safety with an extensive set of MCPTT Standard-compliant features to keep them connected, informed and safe.

Motorola Solutions Kodiak Broadband PTT platform delivers instantaneous 1-to-many and 1-to-1 voice communications cost-effectively over 4G/LTE, 3G, and Wi-Fi networks, and it is based upon the Open Mobile Alliance's (OMA) Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) standard. This standard is also the foundation of OMA's Push to Communicate for Public Safety (PCPS) standard, which provides a commercial-ready baseline to 3GPP's MCPTT standard for mission-critical communications. Finally, the Kodiak platform features a cloud-hosted resilient platform with high scalability and reliability.

Broad Choice of Client Devices and Accessories
With the industry's broadest PTT ecosystem and partnership with multiple leading device manufacturers, our Kodiak platform makes it possible for end customers to choose client devices and accessories that make the most sense for their specific needs and budget available. The devices offered are all tested and certified to ensure compatibility and optimized performance.

Two-Way Radio Interoperability
The Kodiak Broadband PTT platform supports interoperability with two-way radio systems so that organizations can augment two-way radio communication, with the benefit of seamless communications between users carrying a radio and broadband PTT subscribers.

Web Dispatch Application
Leveraging the benefits of instant communications, our Kodiak Broadband PTT platform comes with a web-based dispatch application. The application allows a dispatcher to communicate with the field work force with PTT calls, monitor group communication activities, and view PTT subscribers' location via GPS.

APIs for Application Integration
Motorola Solutions Kodiak Broadband PTT platform supports an Application Programming Interface (API) that makes it possible for third-party developers or integrators to add fast and easy PTT communication to their applications, with a convenient user interface.

Making Interoperable Communications Readily Available and Easily Reachable for All Agencies
The size and complexity of natural and manmade incidents increasingly require a coordinated region-wide response by public safety agencies. Seamless, cross-jurisdictional voice and data communications for first responders is key to their ability to work together, providing the collaborative response necessary to protect life and property during these catastrophic events.

Filling the Void - Interoperability On-Demand
Critical Connect is a cloud-based solution that can keep pace with the rapidly changing needs for inter-agency, interjurisdiction PTT communications. With one link to Critical Connect, agencies can connect with other agencies, as well as personnel outside of LMR coverage – providing dynamic, seamless PTT communication whenever and wherever needed.

Simple, Standards-Based Interoperability
With one link to Critical Connect, state, local and federal agencies can connect to other agencies, as well as carrier integrated broadband PTT platforms for interoperable PTT communications independent of device and network.

Providing Significant Value
The value of Critical Connect grows as more agencies connect because, with each new connection, the choices for interoperable communications increase exponentially. For member agencies, the result is enhanced collaboration and increased efficiency as interoperable communications become readily available and easily reachable.

Critical Connect Is Interoperability Made Easy

Find out how Critical Connect delivers seamless, interoperable PTT communications between agencies, across town, across the state or across the nation.